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Hightower offers seamless access to fresh, unique designs for today’s workspaces. Their design philosophy is considered, flexible, attainable, user-centric, and crafted. It has a clean aesthetic, there is restraint in the design, but also a fun or clever detail that makes the product unique. 


A furniture company succeeds when it meets human needs while pursuing the highest ideals in design and manufacturing. The Nienkämper design philosophy insists that clients’ needs are distilled to their essence, energy is conserved, and unnecessary waste is eliminated. We are committed to being at the forefront of innovation, collaborating with forward-thinking designers, and pushing the boundaries of technology. 


Leland designs and creates high quality, design-focused furniture for offices, educational environments, health-care facilities, public spaces, and homes. Launching their first product in 1993, Leland continues to distinguish itself through simple yet engaging designs, exceptional quality, and versatile options that complement any environment.

FreshCoast by Leland

Welcome to Northern Michigan. A place where rolling hills, layered with a patchwork of fruit orchards and high bluff dunes meet the pristine waters of the upper Great Lakes. This is the home of FreshCoast, by Leland. Inspired by this natural world, our mission is to promote creative spaces and learning environments with products that inspire wonder and quietly support the beauty of simplicity. 


Montisa furniture product lines are built around things you use each day: storage, work tools, stools, desks and tables. Think long-term. Not years, but decades. Montisa furniture and accessories are built in the USA using high-quality wood, steel and craftsmanship. In other words, they’re built to last.

Unika Vaev Acoustics & Textiles

The name – a source of endless questioning – means “unique weave” in Danish. The quality of Unika Vaev’s products was apparent from the beginning, evident by their durability and richness of texture and color. Then, as now, the design industry welcomes Unika Vaev as the harbinger of fresh solutions to contract textile needs.


Technology is the foundation of Concertex’s approach to product design and development. Established in 2010, the brand leads the industry in material innovation and embraces the courage to change. Fresh and original, Concertex is dedicated to developing performance driven product that will revolutionize the hospitality, healthcare and contract markets.


NappaTile was founded with the concept of bringing together luxury and art by combining rich faux leathers with the artistic elements of mosaic tiles. The soul of NappaTile is one of endless possibilities.  Our faux leathers elicit a sense of warmth and comfort unlike other interior tiles made from stone, ceramic, or porcelain. Today, NappaTile has become the undisputed benchmark of faux leather tile with installations all across the globe.

Fulbright Glass Boards

Fulbright Glass Boards is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience in the contract furniture business and brings the same level of quality and excellence to the glass board industry. By putting our family name on our products, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to providing clients with an exceptional experience. Our premium glass boards create a sleek and modern aesthetic in any conference room, office, classroom, hospital, or creative space.

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