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A Note From Lisa

Outlook 2021

2021 will be all about INDIVIDUALITY, creating spaces that reflect your client’s personality or culture. With many places of business filled with ubiquitous décor, the future trend is encouraging designers to get creative with more ancillary variety to give spaces their own identity. Taking time to research new and unique furniture, acoustic solutions, rugs, and accessories will pay large design dividends. Organic shapes and materials along with more saturated colors are also trending big for 2021.    

Another trend in our new normal will be experiencing “together-apart” spaces. Finding creative ways to divide up work areas with acoustic and visual barriers that add interest, functionality, and cleanability. 2021 will not only be a big year of change for how offices look but how they function as well.

In addition, many workers will find themselves figuring out ways to make temporary home offices more permanent places to be productive. These new home offices will also be reflecting people’s own sense of style.






















































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